The Gift of Love

By Eris Field

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Laurel, a survivor of the foster care system, dreams of having a family of her own—a family with -children, lots of children, but there are no men in her dream. Psychiatrist Andrew, the grandson of a Father Baker Boy, has given up on love. He has one goal in life–to build a mental health clinic for poor children in honor of his grandfather. Faced with the problem of caring for abandoned two year old Jamie who is mute, Laurel and Andrew must set aside their dreams and work together. Can they learn to trust each other enough to accept the gift of love?

Author Eris Field

Eris Field’s career history includes pediatric, neurosurgical, and psychiatric nursing, teaching, and writing. Her first publications were related to nursing. The next step in her writing career was a biographical novel, Legacy of Change: The Saga of a Turkish Family from Empire to Republic that she wrote with her late husband. It was published by ISIS Press in Istanbul, Turkey. This effort was followed by a textbook for psychiatric nurse practitioners: Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nursing: A Biopsychosocial Foundation for Practice that was published by F. A. Davis. The next phase of her writing career focused on writing what she loves to read– romances. Now, she spends her time planning, researching, and writing contemporary, international romances.

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