Game On: How to be a queen, not a pawn, in a game devised by men.

By Renee Cleveland

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When I initially started writing Game On, it was going to be about flipping the nifty tricks that men all too often use on us, around on them. The book evolved over the course of time into having a better understanding of who men really are and how we as women can tap into the ‘mancave’ and discover that hidden side for ourselves. Game On is about personal growth, and it’s about the journey we all take when trying to find our perfect person. It is filled with true stories that will make you laugh and cry.

Author Renee Cleveland

Renee grew up in a small town in Southern Maryland and has lived in various places from coast to coast. She majored in English Literature and Child Psychology while pursuing her higher education. She is a hard working, passionate single mother of 3 beautiful children whom are her greatest joys in life.

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