FREE: You’re Not the Only One Who’s Anatomically Correct ‘Round These Parts – Tales of Phallocentrism by James L. Manchester

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04/27/2016 – 05/01/2016

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Move over mommy porn and dinosaur erotica, here’s a book for those within the furry fandom community!!!

“All these years I’ve been telling myself if I twirled it a little to the left, it’d be a penis, when, in fact, it was nothing more than matted fur.” – Travis T. Bear

It’s difficult being a stuffed animal, especially for our fluffy protagonist, Travis T. Bear, after he learns that he’s lacking the one thing that makes one a real man. In this wayward journey of self-discovery, our furry friend, along with his neurotic pal, Wimpy, and common-law wife, Moona Lisa Cow, searches far and wide for his missing manhood and, in the process, learns an important lesson on the true meaning of masculinity. In these pages you’ll find lots of laughs and lots of steamy stuffed animal bow chicka wow wow not at all like anything you’d see on but whatever floats your boat.