FREE: The Subway Is for Unicorns: A Postmodern, Magical Realist, Sacrilegious Comedy, Adventure, and Romance by Lisa VanZandt by Lisa VanZandt

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02/12/2019 –

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It’s the end times.

God is on vacation in Bermuda.

Jesus aka Bill is a clown.

Lisa is a mental patient with schizoaffective disorder, a stripper, an ascended master, President of the United States, Satan’s ex-wife, God’s replacement, and the author of this book. She’s got the hots for Jesus.

Satan is Santa Claus and is trying to gain dominion over the world, if Lisa doesn’t do it first.

Join Lisa and Jesus and their off and on romance as they slay jabberwockies, seek enlightenment, save the souls in hell, and try to stop Satan from gaining dominion.

The stakes are high. If Lisa and Jesus fail to stop Satan, God will destroy the world. If they succeed, they could lose each other.

This novella blends the author’s real delusions, experiences, and imagination to create a magical world of shifting realities filled with unicorns, angels, leprechauns, clowns, vampires, ascended masters, Martians, bag ladies, jabberwockies and much more.

Be transported to the heights of craziness in this hilarious and sexy comedy, adventure, and romance.