FREE: The Big Book of Apps: Your Nerdy BFF’s Guide to (Almost) Every App in the Universe by Beth Ziesenis

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10/11/2017 – 10/15/2017

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A mere decade after the debut of the very first iPhone, modern professionals have more than five million apps to choose from. How can you figure out which apps you need for work and home? Just ask Your Nerdy Best Friend! The Big Book of Apps is the guide you'll want to keep on your desk at work as a quick reference for finding just the right app at just the right time. Beth has provided her favorite recommendations with several alternatives for dozens of the most popular tech topics. Read from cover to cover for a comprehensive digital solution, or zero in on apps that will solve today's biggest tech challenges. With reviews and recommendations of hundreds of apps and tech tools, The Big Book of Apps shares solutions for your most common tech questions. Read now for the best ways to finally organize your inbox, truly empty your inbox, securely manage your passwords and totally organize your life! Beth Z is a technology expert and proud nerd who shares the best apps, tech tools, widgets and gadgets to thousands of people a year. The author of four books, Beth keeps up with the latest technology so you don't have to.