FREE: That’s Mine! Will Cruz ever learn to share? by S. D. Dillard

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07/18/2022 – 07/22/2022

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THAT'S MINE! is a wonderfully illustrated, entertaining story teaching children the importance of sharing.

Cruz doesn't like sharing his toys with anyone! He shouts THAT'S MINE!and snatches his toys back from his sister when she tries to play with them. He spends playtime holding his toys and never having fun.

One day, he watched his sister playing and realized he wanted to play too. But he just couldn't put his toys down, that's when his arms began to shake, and his toys tumbled to the ground. Is it time for Cruz to share his toys, or will he continue spending his playtime not having fun?

Sharing is one of the first social skills every child must learn. That's Mine! is a great story to introduce and encourage sharing.