FREE: TEAM AVENGING ANGEL: Love & Rough Justice in Brooklyn by Charles S. Isaacs

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09/09/2022 – 09/13/2022

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Book 2 in a series

A kick-ass female anti-hero spreads her wings, delivering justice for victimized girls and women.

She is an African-American survivor of a racially-charged childhood rape, who grows into a strikingly beautiful assassin. He is the Italian-American private eye with Mafia connections who loves her. Together, they take on serial killers, sex traffickers, kidnappers, child molesters, rapists, wife-beaters, predators and exploiters.

Along the way, women they’ve protected join them in their quest. Frustrated and threatened by a corrupt criminal justice system, though, the team is forced to work outside, and often against, the law.

When she finds herself pitted against a unit of the Haitian secret police, and he finds out why he is being framed for a series of murders, the stakes could not be higher.