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02/20/2018 – 02/24/2018

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Stronger Core is a powerful personal journey of one woman’s gritty determination to handle life’s challenges with grace in the face of great adversity.
Da’Veta grew up on the southside of Chicago. Forced into adulthood too soon after the unimaginable happened to her, she was determined not to spend the rest of her life as a victim. Through the ups and downs of romantic entanglements, fair weather friends, and holding down several jobs while raising two children as a single mother, Da’Veta often wondered if she would ever find her happily-ever-after. Although life’s obstacles tried to weaken her, she never doubted that she had a stronger core.

Inspirational, honest, and often humorous, Stronger Core is a candid look at childhood trauma, broken friendships, toxic relationships, and learning how to let go and move on from the people that hurt us the most.