FREE: The Story of 7 Tailed Rat – Teaches your kid the moral by Navinha Mer

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05/22/2015 – 05/23/2015

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The Story of the 7 Tailed Rat teaches children to be themselves without worrying about how other things that other say. The story is very well written and provides an example of how allowing others opinions to upset you can disrupt your life. The moral is clear and to the point. The illustration told in the story allows the reader to come up with the point on their own, even the young ones. It offers a way to open the door to discussion about the moral without the book telling the child how to think. It is a very good kindle book for kids. It has a creative story that is perfect for reading to small children while still allowing them to see the moral. The colorful pictures and simple words give new readers an opportunity to read on their own without difficulty.