FREE: Sarah of Raven Hall: A Gothic Paranormal Romance by Sara O’Vivian

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07/29/2017 – 07/29/2017

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Sarah of Raven Hall is A Story of Self-Discovery, Healing, and Love. When Sarah Heatherstone inherits Raven Hall, she hopes to find a true home. However, instead of peace and comfort, she hears cries in the night that no one else can hear, and she discovers a secret door that beckons to her.

The lord of nearby Strathmorton Castle also beckons to her. Sarah is powerfully drawn to him, but she cannot befriend him because of her secret past. Still, Lord Amherst can’t seem to get Sarah out of his mind, or his heart. He wonders why she continues to wear the widow’s weeds and the dark veil long past the requisite year of mourning. Little does he know that Sarah is no more a widow than she has ever been a bride.

Will Sarah’s past ever set her free? And will the handsome lord next door ever be more than a stranger to her?
In Sarah of Raven Hall, discover romance and suspense in a Gothic historical tale reminiscent Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. Discover a story of courage, healing, and love.