FREE: Lady Justice and the Avenging Angels by Robert Thornhill

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06/05/2017 – 06/09/2017

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Lady Justice has unwittingly entered a religious war. Who better to fight for her than Walt Williams?
When Walt and his partner, Ox, are patrolling the Gay Pride Parade, a bomb goes off near them. They come out okay, but many are dead or seriously injured. Shortly after, the police squad learns the bombs are homemade by a group of religious fanatics calling themselves God’s Avenging Angels. The Avenging Angels believe it’s their job to rain fire and brimstone on Kansas City, their Sodom and Gomorrah. The next attacks could be anywhere in the metro, so all cops are needed to comb the city and find the perpetrators. Walt and Ox are on the case, which continues to be explosive.
In this compelling addition to the Lady Justice series, Robert Thornhill brings back all the characters readers have come to love for more hilarity and higher stakes. You’ll laugh, and you’ll be on the edge of your seat until the big finish. Don’t miss Lady Justice and the Avenging Angels!