FREE: Grill Is Thrill: 25 Easy Recipes For A Perfect Backyard BBQ PartyThe art of grilling one’s food plays to our primitive sensibilities as human beings. There are an array of fancy gadgets, grills, and cookery items available to use, but a simple grill over wood or charcoal is the simplest way to cook, especially protein. The need to be outside over an open flame enjoying the fresh air and watching how the smoke envelopes your food is soothing. When your food is done it will be laced with undeniable smoky and rich flavors. There are so many seasonings, sauces, and combinations that make a great grilled meal, and nothing beats a good char. Whether you lather your food before placing on the grill or mix up accompaniments or sauces to add to a simple grilled item, the grilled flavor is pure enjoyment. Mostly meat is associated with grilling, but grilled vegetables are a great addition to your protein. The char you can get on vegetables lets them have a taste of that nice smoky flavor you can’t get using other cooki by Josh Andrews

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03/08/2019 – 03/09/2019

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