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05/23/2015 – 05/27/2015

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Ever wondered what carbohydrates really are, and how they affect your health?
What can we learn from our ancient ancestors to stop us becoming more obese?
What did Kim Kardashian do to give her an even better figure than before she became pregnant?
What do you need to do to become as buff as Thor?
What are the most popular diet programs and carb counters out there, and why?
What did Jay Z do that made him stand out at the Grammy Awards 2014?
Why could your ‘healthy’ morning cereal really be a wolf in sheeps clothing?
What food should you chew more to make it healthier?
Is fruit juice really healthier than the popular, yet recently criticised soda?
How can an alcohol free holiday save your life?

The questions above and many, many more are answered in this comprehensive non technical light hearted guide to carbohydrates.

It includes 66 of our most popular foods carb counts, 20 low carb meal and dessert recipes, with an extra 10 FREE delicious low carb drink recipes available as well.

Entertain and educate yourself at the same time with this wonderful guide on one of the most debated topics at the moment: CARBS.