FREE: Finding Peace of Mind: The Tansy & Hank Pet Psychic Cozy Mystery Prequel by Miranda Rose Barker

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10/21/2022 –

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An Eccentric Aunt, A French bulldog, And Heart-Stopping Intrigue…Finding Peace of Mind: The Pet Psychic Cozy Mystery Series Prequel

After a car accident, Tansy Silver, an art student, was left with a constant buzzing in her head. Distressed and looking for help, she decides to visit her loving but eccentric Aunt Vivian and her French bulldog Hank in the small Appalachian town of Pine Ridge. Her holistic store, Peace of Mind, offers a plethora of herbs, herbal blends, and more. Tansy soon discovers she has a startling pet psychic animal communicator ability with Hank.

And just when she starts to make new friends and learn how much more at home she feels in Pine Ridge, something totally unexpected happens… News that a six-year-old boy is lost sets everyone looking frantically for him…

They need to find this little boy before the sun sets. And time is running out.

Will they be able to find him before it's too late?

In this prequel to her totally addictive mystery series, Miranda Rose Barker offers plenty of twists and turns, nail-biting suspense, and laugh-out-loud humor all the way up to its surprising ending! A perfect series for fans of the cozy animal mysteries, thrillers & suspense genres.

Captivating from the very start, Peace of Mind is a fun story that will keep you turning pages.