FREE: Air Fryer Cookbook. A Guide for Everyday Home Cooking with Amazing Easy Recipes for Fast & Healthy Meals by Jamil Oliver

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05/12/2017 – 05/13/2017

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The Ultimate Guide To Air Fryer – discover that there is a lot more than just cooking fries in your Air Fryer and that there is a huge baking world out there.
Using hot air circulating with the help of a fan to cook food at high temperatures, leaving them with crisp outsides but tender and juicy insides, air fryers are a device that any modern kitchen should have. Not only does it cut down the cooking time – adjusting seamlessly into the busy modern lifestyle – it also manages to take only the good sides of frying – the deliciousness and sheer joy of having fried food – and makes it healthier. A device with multiple purposes that can be basically used by anyone, with or without cooking skills, this appliance has become very popular.