Fractured (Fixing Souls Series Book One)

By LJ SeXton

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Ethan Trenton – Bad boy but also a fierce protector,
single father who protects those he cares about. Never one to walk away from trouble can he try and keep the peace in order to protect someone he wants?

Nevaeh Johnson – sweet girl that has been beat down by life and a man she thought she loved. Trying to find away out of her hellish life alive.

Growing up Naveah always looked at Ethan as a hero, seeing the way he protected his little brother Jared. Now that she needs protection will she be able to count on him to help her? Will his protection come at a cost to not only her but his family also?

WARNING: Mature content. For readers 18+

Author LJ SeXton

I was born and raised in Pontiac, Mi. I have two adult daughters who are my light! I have a Chihuahua Button who is spoiled and A wonderful man who has stood by me throught this adventure.

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