By The Fates, Freed

By Patricia D. Eddy

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A witch with an unusual emerald aura. A long ago prophecy. An evil clan determined to return the world to war.

When Ealasaid’s aura starts to burn with the brilliance of a precious stone, the devils know that she is the one. They bind her, taking her name, her voice, and her magic. Shackled in the devil’s foul prison, she prays for a death she knows will never come.

Raven is a powerful warlock, but he has spent his life searching for something-always unfulfilled. When the Fates guide him to the devil’s lair, he discovers her. Naked, barely even alive, she has been abused for ten long years. He touches her and the connection between the two of them in forged. She is his mate, the one witch he is fated to love for all eternity. When he frees her, Ealasaid must discover the truth of who she is. Will Raven’s love be enough?

Author Patricia D. Eddy

Patricia D. Eddy hates writing an author bio. She can write a 100,000 word novel with ease, but a two paragraph bio leaves her shaking in her boots. Still though, she figures she can power through. She’s a marathon runner, a cat lover, an amateur bartender, and she always has at least ten different plot bunnies racing around in her brain. Once she finished her first book, By the Fates, Freed, she couldn’t stop writing. She hopes you’ll give her books a read because she writes smart, capable heroines and sexy alpha men who love them.

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