Esther’s Progeny

By Alicia J. Love

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A cold, ruthless Vampire. The last Seer in existence. The deadly choice that she will regret for the rest of her immortal life.

The last of the Seer were eradicated during the Salem Witch Trials. Esther saw them burn. But when she finds a girl who can see the future, her greed gets the best of her. She wants to make a hybrid, a crossbreed so unique that no one has ever made one before.

She soon finds out her mistake, when she learns of the Seer’s fate. Suddenly, she begins to feel, after over 200 years of emptiness.
She is determined to save her, the first person in her long life to make her feel alive.

Esther’s Progeny is a heart-breaking paranormal romance about two supernatural beings, cursed to fall in love. This thrilling and heartfelt story will have you rooting for them the entire time. Travel around the world with Esther and see if they can save her progeny from her terrible fate.