Embracing Life

By Nicky Jayne

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Moving to San Diego was supposed to be a fresh start for Melanie. 3 years of sun and sand and she would be heading to college.

No matter how far she went her nights were still tormented by his face. But her days were filled with another type of torment Josh!

The eager young lacrosse player who wanted nothing more than to claim her heart as his.
Their friendship bloomed but as quickly as it started a traumatic event ended it.

Friends have kept them apart. Thinking it would be the best for both of them.

Sadly there are just some things in life that you can not run away from. They always find you in the end.

Will they find each other? Will Josh be able to save Melanie from her past as well as herself?

Author Nicky Jayne

My name is Nicky Jayne. I am 31 yrs old, living in Las Vegas with my husband and two boys. We have been stationed in Las Vegas for 8 years.

I am a lover all of all things fluffy, I have 2 cats and 3 dogs. Who keep me company when I am holed up in my office writing.

I have three books out right now, Embracing Life, Embracing Love which are the first two books in the “Embrace Series” I also have Footprints which is known as my NanoWrimo novel, which I completed in 23 days. Taking Flight is my latest release, available on Amazon now.

I am currently working on my 5th novel “Grounded” which will release in June.

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