Embracing Love

By Nicky Jayne

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The storm clouds break above them, lightning illuminates the sky.

A kiss. Who knew one kiss could hold so much weight, could change a life so much.

Josh’s words play over and over in her mind, the sensation of his lips upon her.

New feelings, new sensations rock her. Warm feelings engulf her. As she dances in a sea of new beginnings.

He hides in the shadows as his prize is taken from him. His burning eyes follow her. Things haven’t gone according to plan, but he will bide his time. An unknown figure will help him achieve his goal. This time he will not fail, this time she will be his.

Josh’s body shields her from the unknown. Holding onto her for dear life as she slips away into her nightmares. Nightmares that have become reality.

Familiar faces, show themselves as strangers.

She wants him, he wants her but can they move on and make a life. Can he be honest with her? Can she bear her soul to him?

Author Nicky Jayne

My name is Nicky Jayne. I am 31 yrs old, living in Las Vegas with my husband and two boys. We have been stationed in Las Vegas for 8 years.

I am a lover all of all things fluffy, I have 2 cats and 3 dogs. Who keep me company when I am holed up in my office writing.

I have three books out right now, Embracing Life, Embracing Love which are the first two books in the “Embrace Series” I also have Footprints which is known as my NanoWrimo novel, which I completed in 23 days. Taking Flight is my latest release, available on Amazon now.

I am currently working on my 5th novel “Grounded” which will release in June.

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