Castigation by Hubert Willians



By Hubert Willians

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During World II, a young George Walker was involved in a situation with two friends that would haunt him throughout his life.
It would catch up to him when he retired to the Philippines with his wife Nattie, his daughter Sheila and her husband Mel.
It seems that his granddaughter Becca, the ten year old daughter of Mel and Sheila, has been chosen to pay his debt.
George has never believed in ghosts, shamans and the supernatural. Until Dalmara, a shaman from an island north of Palawan, appeared in his dreams.
George is about to have his eyes opened to possibilities he never cared to imagine, let alone experience.

Author Hubert Willians

Hubert Williams (1952-present) was born in Cushing, Oklahoma. His father was a laborer in cross country pipeline construction. His mother was a waitress. The family moved many times, following his fathers work. Hubert attended several different elementary schools between and Colorado and Oklahoma. His high school years were spent in Drumright, Oklahoma from where he graduated in 1970. He did not attend college choosing to travel instead. Many of his story ideas are derived from experiences he had during his travels.

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