From Blue to White

By Chad Peterson

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How many times have you wished you were self-employed? With his vast experience in small business, serial entrepreneur and author Chad Peterson condenses his wealth of knowledge into an easy to follow path to self employment. There are many opportunities in service industries and with these step-by-step instructions using basic business and marketing principles, you, too, can launch your successful business–even if you know nothing about the industry and have nothing to invest. His powerful and effective tools simplify the difficult tasks of being self employed. You’ll learn how to maximize each job to reach the high earnings potential that will let you pursue your passions and the lifestyle of your dreams.
• Escape the 9-5.
• Why there has never been a better time to be self employed.
• Why does the Blue Collar world hold the future?
• Fire your boss and become self employed tomorrow.
• Start your own business with little or no money.
• Earn $1000 your 1st day in business. Then do it again and again.
• Effectively broker services in various trades.
• Learn direct marketing techniques to obtain and sell to clients.
• Learn marketing secrets to leverage time and increase productivity.
• Double your income, cut your work time in half.
• Design the lifestyle of your dreams.
• Take mini vacations and extended time off.
• Work less; enjoy the life you only dream of now.
Pursue your dreams and passions. Don’t allow negative self talk to get in the way of those dreams. Create the lifestyle you want. You can do it with the step-by-step instructions from this book.

Author Chad Peterson

Chad Peterson has operated more than 10 businesses that have earned over 20 million in revenue over a short span of years. He has taught and inspired 100s of others to create six figure incomes in service related industries with his guerrilla marketing techniques. His successful strategies redefine the modern Blue Collar worker and afford him freedom and he travels the world, spending most of his winters in locales such as Belize, Honduras, and Panama.

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